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Alice Payne Music

Independent Music Producer, Artist and Vocalist.

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All about Alice

Alice Payne is a 23-year-old music producer and vocalist located in Melbourne, Australia. All of Alice's songs are created entirely independently, from a studio she set up in her bedroom. 11 of her favourites were chosen for her debut album 'Wonderland', which was released on Friday 14th of January 2022. She is currently releasing singles whilst studying a bachelor of music performance at Collarts University in Naarm.


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Debut Album Wonderland

“Using my midi keyboard, microphone and laptop, I created ‘Wonderland’, my debut album, on my own in my bedroom during lockdown in 2021. It was an entirely solo endeavour which allowed me to have full creative control to express myself through this project. I aim to create music that will give you a rush of happy energy, but also sounds different to anything you’ve heard before. ‘Wonderland’ is a blend of electronic, synth wave and pop music. It has a magical, otherworldly feel to it. I just want to make music that sends out a positive vibration to the listener, because we really need more of that energy in the world today”

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